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English 中文 English HOME Products & Solutions--> Products & Solutions Operational Services--> Operational Services IT Services--> IT Services News Center Company News Investor Relations Company Announcement Corporate Governance Performance Reporting Stock-price information Investor Services About Us Group Profile Development Path Partners Qualifications and Honors Management Team Company Culture Social Responsibility Contact Us Join Yusys Join Us Banking institutions Consumer Finance Finance Companies Auto Finance Securities and Trust Finance Leasing Payment and Clearing Institutions Universal Solution Credit Processing Integrated Credit Management Corporate Credit Management Retail Credit Management SME Loan Management Online Credit Management Inter-Bank Credit Management Unified Credit Management Supply Chain Finance Management Credit Processing Platform Credit Rating Financial Analytics Farmer Pre-credit Management Mobile Credit Management Credit Assets Management Post-Loan Management Non-Performing Asset Management Assets Securitization Management Collection Management Intelligent Post-Loan Management Credit Risk Management Internal Rating Management Credit Risk Warning Management Collateral Management Intelligent Omnichannel Banking Customer Channels Mobile Banking Transaction Banking Open Banking WeChat Banking Direct Sale Banking Online Banking Remote Banking Call Center Intelligent Customer Service Core Banking Distributed Core Banking Internet Core Banking Data & Analytics Data Intelligence Financial Data Middle Platform Financial Big Data Platform Financial Data Warehouse Data Product Operations Data Assets Management Data Mart Comprehensive Risk Data Mart Unified Supervision Data Mart Intelligent Customer Analysis Mart Online Loan Financing Intelligent Analysis Mart Intelligent Customer Service Analysis Mart Business Analysis Data Mart Financial Data Mart Solution Data Operation Unified Data Portal Platform Unified Index Statement Platform Intelligent Large-Screen Display Platform Financial Risk Monitoring Platform Business Analytics Platform Data Middle Platform Data Open Service Platform Customer Labels Management Platform Customer Behavior Analysis Platform Data Modeling Laboratory Business Intelligent Platform Historical Data Query Platform Data Asset Modeling Products External Data Management Platform Real-time Computing Platform Data Development Management Platform Intelligent Data Exchange Platform Data Assets Enterprise Data Management and Control Platform Data Asset Management Platform Metadata Management Platform Data Standards Management Platform Data Quality Management Platform Payment and Clearing Unified Payment Platform Operation Management and Data Application Customer Relationship Management Intelligent Marketing Middle Platform Performance Management Operation Analytics Bank Branch Management Wealth Management Training Management Comprehensive Reward Points Management Complaint Management Unified Indicator Management Customer Tag Management Regulatory Compliance Unified supervision platform 1104 Off-site supervision and reporting Financial statistics centralized reporting Reporting system of State Administration of Foreign Exchange EAST4.0 reporting Customer risk statistics reporting Second-generation personal credit reporting Second-generation corporate credit reporting PISA reporting Interest rate monitoring and reporting Payment and settlement compliance supervision reporting Non-resident financial account tax-related information reporting Risk and Asset-Liability Management Comprehensive Risk Management Risk Preference and Tolerance Management Comprehensive Stress Testing Capital Management Risk-Weighted Asset Measurement Capital Management Large-Amount Risk Exposure Asset & Liability Management Asset and Liability Data Analysis Platform Asset-Liability Management Liquidity Risk Management Fund Position Management Internal Fund Transfer Pricing External Interest Rate Pricing Consumer Finance Yusys’ consumer finance solution is an all-round and full life cycle industry solution for consumer financial institutions based on core system development, business operation cooperation, technology empowerment of financial institutions, and Yusys’ consumer finance business innovation experience of more than 10 years. It covers complete solutions for the entire life cycle of consumer finance company opening preparations, technological operations, business innovations, data cooperation, and asset fund integration. View more Finance Companies As a leading corporation in the domestic financial technology industry, Yusys Technologies entered the financial company service field that represents the group's industrial finance, in 2015. After years of efforts, it has gained the ability to serve financial company infrastructure, service groups, and serve upstream and downstream financial technology services in all fields. Among them, infrastructure construction of finance companies includes unified business construction, data construction, and channel construction. Group services take treasury management as the core, covering internal liquidity, unified investment and financing, and risk management, and industry upstream and downstream services include supply chain finance and scenario finance associated with group enterprises. View more Auto Finance At present, Yusys Technologies has established cooperative relationships with a number of auto finance, banking, and financial company customers in the fields of retail car purchase, inventory financing, and financial leasing, and has established an auto finance team within the company. It has a team of nearly 100 people and serves all kinds of financial customers in China, and is committed to providing one-stop automotive financial informatization solutions including customer acquisition, channel connection, mobile office, loan approval, contract management, loan payment, and post loan management. View more Securities and Trust Yusys Technologies has participated in IT construction in the trust and securities industries since 2010. It has successively cooperated with trust clients such as CITIC Trust, CCB Trust, Ping An Trust, Foreign Trade Trust, AVIC Trust, Minmetals Trust, Kunlun Trust, and other trust customers, and cooperated with Shenwan Hongyuan Securities , Industrial Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, CITIC Securities, China Development Bank Securities, and other securities customers. It has established a team that is proficient in the trust and securities business and formed a complete set of mature product solutions and systems. Yusys Technologies takes the trust and securities market as a breakthrough and has gradually established its product advantages in the trust, securities and the entire asset management industry! View more Finance Leasing With its rich experience and leading technology in financial IT consulting services, program planning, product development, as well as in-depth understanding and extensive cooperation in the financial leasing industry, Yusys Technologies is facing an increasingly sophisticated and professional format, adhering to "technology + products+business+operation” integrated strategy, which empowers financial leasing technology, improves quality and efficiency, and actively tailors the best IT solutions for financial leasing companies. View more Integrated Management Solution Standard business processing procedures and rules:Flexibly design standardized and unified business processing procedures, formulate unified business rules, reduce participation in institutional system development, reduce system complexity, and ensure safe, stable and efficient system operation.Efficient fund payment and clearing function:Support 24*7 business operation, meet customers’ all-weather payment needs, and adopt real-time processing and full settlement of funds for payment business. Every payment business is received in real time, realizing zero inter-agency fund clearing in transit, providing customers with convenient and efficient payment and settlement services, and improving the efficiency of fund use. View more Technology Middle Platform Technology Platforms Unified Front-End Platform Unified Microservice Platform Unified Mobile Platform Service management and control platform Enterprise Service Bus Communication Front-End Platform Technical Tools Workflow Engine Rule Engine Shuffle Unified Scheduling for Enterprise Image Processing Platform IT Management Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Tools Intelligent Log Analysis iLog Intelligent Monitoring iMonitor Operation and Maintenance Analytics iData Infrastructure Information Management iMessage Operation and Maintenance Visual Management iShow Operation and Maintenance Risk Management iRisk Mobile Operation and Maintenance Management IT Process Management Automated Test Service Virtualization Simulation Platform Interface Automation Test Platform Performance Automation Test platform Enterprise Resource Management Information Technology Management Product Family Operation Management Product Family Yusys Financial Cloud Online Loan Operation Smart Bank Branch Operation Risk Control Operation Scenario-Based Financial Operations Computing Resources Cloud Server Physical Server Elastic Scaling of Computing Resources Cloud Compliance Security Assessment Penetration Testing Emergency Response Code Audit Internet Resources Elastic Public Network IP EIP Load Balancing Dedicated Line Storage Database Service Cloud Security Cloud Monitoring DDoS Protection Application Firewall WAF Security Testing Database Audit SSL Certificate Cloud Operation Management Online Loan Operation After several years of development and operation, Yusys Technologies' online loan platform has the characteristics of "fast launch, good scalability, and easy operation and maintenance". It flexibly adopts the cooperation model of "profit before paying", giving full play to the "zero cost investment" to build the online loan operations. The financial platform helps various banks and credit institutions to expand the scale of the online lending market while optimizing their asset structure, improve capital quality, and reduce financial risks. Yusys Technologies also provides comprehensive operational support for customers' online loan business, from whitelisting services, marketing services, risk control consulting, to modeling services, customer management, and risk monitoring. The nearly 200-person team covers various roles such as product, technology, operation, and maintenance, and all team members have internet financial technology and banking experience.According to the IDC report, the market share of Yusys Technologies' online loan solutions ranks first in the industry. View more Smart Bank Branch Operation Yusys Technologies has an industry-leading overall smart banking solution, which aims to help banks quickly realize smart and digital transformation. It helps banks quickly transform from traditional outlets to smart banks with data knowledge plus platform operation as the core, and help banks through various advanced concepts, equipment, and technology applications combined with the banks’ customers, businesses, products and services. It focuses on changes in customer structure and needs, from omni-channel integration, smart interaction, smart insight, smart operations, digital operations, precision marketing, and smart management and control perspectives. The solution has led to in-depth changes in branch positioning, business models, spatial environment, transaction processes, service processes, marketing models, and management and control models in different dimensions to comprehensively improve branch service efficiency, customer experience and branch capacity, effectively reducing banks’ operating costs and improving operating efficiency. View more Big Data Risk Scoring Yusys Technologies aims to help financial institutions develop stably and has partnered with several big data risk control companies in China for intelligent risk control and anti-fraud measures. Leveraging its more than 20 years of service experience in the banking industry, Yusys Technologies has integrated the data capabilities of authoritative institutions such as public security, social security, UnionPay, railways, and aviation, and introduced the world’s leading knowledge map, neural network, machine learning, and other technical capabilities to create an intelligent risk control and anti-fraud product system. The solution includes verification products, anti-fraud scoring, risk warning, marketing customer profiles, and “Wallet Location Radar ”, providing financial institutions with "targeted marketing – intelligent anti-fraud-application approval – risk warning" and other intelligent risk control throughout the process. View more Existing Customer Remarketing Platform As traffic dividends and demographic dividends are gradually disappearing, how to tap new traffic opportunities in the remaining market and accurately reach target customers has become an urgent problem for many financial institutions. Accordingly, Yusys Technologies launched SCM, a remarketing platform for existing customers. The SCM platform adopts a cooperative operation model. Financial institutions do not need to bear any costs in the early stage, but pay according to the marketing conversion results. To improve customer contribution, retention, and brand awareness, the platform uses big data and machine learning to conduct accurate customer analysis and product marketing. View more Big Data Risk Scoring Existing Customer Remarketing Platform --> Scenario-Based Financial Operations Upholding the principle of win-win concept, Yusys helps financial institutions improve their digital financial service capabilities, and expand the open financial business ecosystem through open financial empowerment service platforms connecting financial scenarios , . The services mainly include business consultation, technical consultation, scenario docking, smart risk control, credit card business SaaS service, operation support, and data analysis, etc. View more Consultation User Experience and Design Application Development Testing Operation and Maintenance IT System Value-added Services Consultation Yusys Technologies combines advanced Chinese and international management concepts and business models to provide IT planning consulting, business and management consulting, and commercial software implementation consulting. The company’s high-quality expert think tanks rely on their years of experience, understanding and grasp of the domestic financial IT industry to provide increasingly advanced perspectives for the financial industry, help improve bank operations and management, implement management concepts into specific business consulting services, and provide advanced system tools in the industry. The advantages of Yusys Technologies' consulting services are reflected in its comprehensive consulting, integration, and implementation capabilities for different customers and projects in the industry. View more User Experience and Design The User Experience Innovation Division has conducted more than 10 years of user experience research, has strong exposure to user experience projects in China and foreign countries, and has good international vision as well as a fully functional user experience innovation laboratory. Yusys uses scientific methods that take into account China's domestic situation and social conditions, to provide customers with high-quality user experience research, design, evaluation, standardization, and training, and treats design as a dynamic process. In the design process, the designers, engineers, and marketing planning and promotion experts improve the products and services. The services include human-computer interaction, usability research, interface design, and customer experience research and cover many industries such as education, finance, communications, healthcare, internet, and transportation. View more Application Development Yusys Technologies provides financial industry customers with diversified technologies, multi-region support, and full life cycle technology development services. Leveraging its professional CMMI5, ISO9001, ISO20000, and ISO27001 certification, Yusys provides customers with standard technology development services. So far, Yusys has provided technology development services to more than 750 financial institutions from home and abroad. Thanks to its ever-growing industry exposure and experience, Yusys can help customers save costs and improve IT development. View more Testing As a software and IT service company that provides a full range of products to the financial industry, Yusys Technologies' testing services have become an integral component in the whole product lines. The testing team focuses on continuously improving the quality of application systems, controlling system performance and availability, controlling project costs and risks, and creating a reliable testing service brand. Keeping track of international leading technologies, Yusys Technologies' testing team has accumulated rich best practices, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality testing services. View more ITIL咨询 数据中心系统运维 --> Operation and Maintenance After more than 20 years of experience and ongoing development in the financial industry, Yusys Technologies’ operation and maintenance business has established a multi-dimensional integrated delivery model of "system consulting + operation and maintenance products + technical support", and has established a high-end expert team, with solutions and implementation capabilities for new development, operation, optimization, and continuous improvement of data center. The company is now the leading operation and maintenance service provider in the industry. View more IT System Value-added Services The IT system value-added services cover all-round services such as financial data center consulting planning, construction implementation, security maintenance, etc. Through cloud computing, big data, distributed technology, agile operation, and other technical means, Yusys enables financial customers to build advanced IT architecture, agile IT capabilities, and ensures their strong IT performance, to realize a transformation from the status quo into sensitive-state data centers. View more News Center Company News Company News --> Share Latest IDC Report: Yusys Financial Cloud again ranks first in China's cloud banking-application solution market 2020-11-24 According to the International Data Corporation's (IDC) latest report "China's Financial Cloud Market (H1 2020) Tracking," Yusys Financial Cloud continues to rank first in the cloud-application solution market in China's banking industry.Yusys Technologies' financial cloud business has developed rapidly along with the growing trend of digital transformation in the banking industry. In 2019, Yusys Cloud ranked second in the banking cloud solution segment market, only 0.7% behind the top-ranked Alibaba Cloud. However, Yusys Technologies ranked first in cloud-application solutions for the market of banking cloud-application solutions. Since the beginning of the year, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yusys Financial Cloud has maintained steady growth. We continue to lead the industry.No. 1 in the market for banking cloud-application solutionsAs one of the largest banking IT solution providers in China, Yusys Technologies has consistently maintained a leading position in providing banking solutions in multiple segments such as credit management, business intelligence, regulatory reporting and online banking. According to the IDC's list of the top 100 financial industry technology companies in the world in 2020, Yusys Technologies occupied the 54th position. Since the beginning of the year, as the demand for online services in the financial industry has surged and the traditional financial business cloud-based architecture has accelerated, Yusys Technologies has developed its innovative business rapidly leveraging its years of industry experience and cutting-edge technology capabilities, and its financial cloud-application solutions business has set the pace for Yusys Technologies' growth.In the 2020 half-yearly report, Yusys Technologies revealed that its model for cooperation based on financial cloud services is an integral part of the company's future transformation. This year, Yusys Technologies continued to promote in-depth integration with Baidu as part of an effort to jointly develop an intelligent financial cloud and conducted in-depth discussions and cooperation in three aspects—the improvement of financial cloud system development, the promotion of financial cloud operation capacity and the expansion of financial cloud business.Yusys Technologies is driven by innovation, and accordingly more 90% of its employees are from technology and R&D divisions. Today, Yusys Technologies serves more than 750 financial customers, covering 13 types of licensed financial institutions and has an absolute advantage in the industry with respect to cloud-application solutions, credit-management solutions and supervision solutions. A decade in the cloud business: creating a matrix of six mainstream ecosystem productsYusys Financial Cloud came into being at the same time as China's cloud industry, and it has been a pioneer in the industry over the past decade. Since its establishment, Yusys Financial Cloud has focused on IT hosting services in the financial industry, for instance, a proprietary cloud for the financial industry based on industry standards as well as the regulations and regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission. It is focused on providing financial PaaS (Platform as a Service), financial SaaS (Software as a Service) as well as private cloud and hybrid cloud services for small and medium-size licensed financial institutions.Yusys Financial Cloud Platform employs a mature enterprise-level architecture, fully supports computing, storage, network virtualization, resource scheduling and management, supports virtual data-center services and provides financial service clouds to the public. Its highly flexible platform provides low-cost virtualization and automation, utilizes dynamic resource allocation and pooling and ensures the transparency of resources, thereby reducing the processing load of user terminals and reducing the need for users to possess advanced IT skills.With its focus on business management, Yusys Financial Cloud has developed rich business platforms, such as online lending platforms, supply chain financial platforms, mutual funds platforms, consumer finance platforms, regulatory technology platforms, inclusive financial platforms, marketing platforms and scenario-based financial platforms, and has built a matrix of six ecosystem products: Internet banking, risk control management, credit management, data service management, AI and blockchain.Yusys Technologies, based on its proprietary intellectual property rights, has developed a comprehensive and mature product series for its Internet banking products, which includes portal websites, personal online banking, corporate online banking, internal management, online payment, bank-enterprise direct connection, mobile banking and WeChat Bank. The Internet banking products offer mature online customer services, real-time business monitoring, search, advertising, customer-behavior capture and analysis. Additionally, they offer features and modules that can help the client bank build a complete Internet ecosystem and environment.The business functions have rigid security and access control, friendly user interface, stability and efficient performance, and provide a variety of business-management and maintenance interfaces and support service systems. Moreover, Yusys Technologies has mature online service plans and data-migration service plans that can meet the needs of rapid online banking and system switching.Today, Yusys Technologies' Internet ecosystem products have enabled hundreds of banks to move their services online. The company also provides migration support while helping banks launch related products.Yusys Financial Cloud's risk-control business ecosystem comprises an SCM platform and big-data risk-control scoring products. It provides basic services such as precision marketing, intelligent fraud detection and risk warning for financial institutions that have innovative loan businesses, and helps financial institutions to achieve independent risk control.To market and sell products and services to existing customers, Yusys Technologies' SCM platform employs a model for cooperation. The financial institution bears no cost in the initial stage. The platform uses big data and machine learning to enable existing customers to apply for credit and loan products and improves customer development, retention and brand awareness of financial institutions. Moreover, the big-data risk-control scoring products can be directly used in related business processes and can also be used as indicators in risk-control modeling for key links such as credit approval, risk warning, etc.In its big-data products, Yusys Technologies has brought together the world's top MIT Big Data and AI Laboratory, top modeling experts, advanced algorithms and risk-control models, through which it has become an industry leader in data performance.The credit ecosystem products are businesses in which Yusys Technologies has been strong traditionally. Hence, Yusys Technologies has integrated resources from multiple sources by synthesizing the cloud capabilities to provide credit-consumption intermediary services and supply partners with value-added support through innovation with respect to risk control and operation.Yusys Technologies has, during the past two years, developed its overall cloud-data service solutions. Its big-data service platform combines the advantages of RUC data, cloud computing and other data and industry-leading technical capabilities to provide financial institutions in the industry with safe and reliable big-data services.AI and blockchain ecosystem products are also innovative, rapidly developing businesses within the Yusys Technologies organization.Taking intelligent customer-service products as an example, based on Yusys Technologies' Intelligent Financial Cloud and coupled with its strategic partner Baidu's leading artificial intelligence technologies in speech recognition, natural language processing and knowledge graphing, Yusys Technologies benefits enterprise customers with complete intelligent marketing and customer-service solutions, including intelligent marketing, intelligent knowledge base, intelligent customer-chat service (online customer service), intelligent voice-response customer service (IVR), intelligent outbound calls and other features.Yusys Technologies Blockchain Engine provides users with a comprehensive cloud-based blockchain service platform. It enables enterprises and developers to quickly build blockchain networks in public and private clouds, and supports the Fabric Alliance, Quorum Alliance and other private chains.Yusys Financial Cloud has served nearly 200 large, medium and small financial institutions.According to an IDC forecast, the compound annual growth rate of China's financial cloud solutions market from 2019 to 2023 is expected to be 38.7%, reaching USD 3.64 billion by 2023. While providers of financial cloud services continue to expand their own capabilities, they will improve their capabilities through strong alliances and complementary capabilities. The cooperative financial cloud ecosystem has also laid the foundation for sound, stable market development.  Back Previous:Yusys Technologies and Tencent Cloud Launches Strategic Cooperation to Promote the Development of Financial Technology Next:Yusys Technologies Enters the IDC FinTech Top 100 in 2020 Sincerely focus on fintech Office address Address: Building A2, Electronic City R&D Center, Courtyard 9, East Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing View branch contact information Copyright notice Contact information 0086-10-59137700-323 [email protected] Disclaimer Quick Links News Center Investor Relations About Us Join Yusys Site Map Official account Copyright: Beijing Yusys Technologies Co., Ltd (Jing)ICP Filing no. 10004042 Copyright © 2020 Yusys Technologies Co., Ltd. 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